Spongi Store

As a dog mom, I am always looking for ways to interact with my dog, Leo. Whether it's learning ways to communicate, finding cool places for us to run around, or researching healthy and delicious dog foods, my effort to be a good guardian is always worthwhile. Leo is always energetic and happy; more so grateful for everyday he is with me. I think dogs in their innocent and loving form, are truly inspirations we should learn from.

I started Spongi Store as an effort to return a bit of love to our communities and of course, to our loving dogs. Although just a design collective at the moment, I hope to be able to create more than just a store, but a community for fellow dog lovers to spread the tremendous joy and encouragement that our dogs bring to our lives.

Our curation of unique products reflects our passion for design, functionality, and sustainability in hopes of creating more expressive and enjoyable lifestyles for dogs and their parents.