Rana Hakiim

My name is Rana Hakim, and I am a surface pattern and textile designer. My background is in graphic and branding. I have always had an interest and a love for pottery and linen. My specialism is in surface pattern and textile design, principally using modern patterns and motifs, in both conventional and contemporary contexts.


I work with patterns, prints, paintings, on paper and fabric, and other surfaces too. I mainly work by hand, using pencil, paper and color to come up with initial sketches to develop into designs. And recently digital patterns are taking all my attention.

I am an Etsy Seller now and my items are sold local shops.

My successful items are:

-Terracotta pots

-Table Runners

-Throw Blankets

I might be walking slow towards my goal but I am stick to a plan and will end up a potter at my own studio building my product from scratch.