Rana Hakiim

We have brought another interview with an artist that has partnered with us here on UNKNOWN + UNFAMILIAR. We hope you enjoy her responses and take away some good encouragement and advice.

Q1: What is your business name and what do you sell?

“My Business Name is RH that is the Initials of my name (Rana Hakiim), my recent product is hand painted terracotta pots with special designed patterns of mine.”

Q2: How long have you been in the industry and how did you come to start the business?

“I have been working for more than ten years in design and production. The last five years I made my own line of pottery but during the pandemic I was not able to be doing pottery in my studio, so I started this project of having ready clay pots and add my patterns on.”

Q3: What are some obstacles/hardships you have experienced and how have you overcome them?

“The hardest part was trying to reach people who love this product. But I did many workshops and courses on how to be my own boss, also how to deal with Instagram growth. This helped a lot because I started to do work with a new view and in a stable plan.”

Q4: What advice would you give someone who is thinking of or just starting off with their small business?

“I think they need to be sure that this is what they want and this is what makes them happy. If so then they need to plan for it and be able to know their target. Only if they know where they are going they will be able to take the right road.”

Q5: Where do you see yourself with your brand in the future/what are some goals you have for your business?

“The success of pots is still at its peak. But it’s not the end, I will be going back to my studio soon to go on with my pottery line that has my patterns on home decor and kitchen stuff, in parallel with a linen line of fashion that has my patterns too.”

Q6: Anything you would like to say to the readers?

“Never underestimate your power. We all have powers we only need to know the right buttons.”

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