Petals of Orishas Bath Enhancer



Includes 2 Baths in Infusion Pouches.

Ingredients: Dehydrated White Jasmine, Chamomile, Sugar and Honey Powder.

Here is what I like to do for my rituals…

Your environmental aura has so much influence on your behavior, motivation and overall mood.  To experience your best bathing ritual, the first thing is to light a candle for your area. Your energy shield is what protects us from all the negative aspects including illnesses. Set it right.

Scent works on us with the bathing experience and stimulates the part of your brain which is connected to memory and mood.  Enhance your mental and healing clarity.  Let it burn baby.

Run your bath water to your preferred temperature.

You can additionally cleanse and purify your space of any stagnant energy with either palo santo, sage or sweet grass. 

Now, add desired amount of your Healing & Cleansing Destination Soak. Most like to add in about half the container but I like to add the entire thing! To further intensify your bath, add in your preferred Bath Enhancer.  There are 2 ways to enjoy your it. You can pre-prep– create a tea water and add it into your bath or simply add the entire bag and even break it open for the beautiful details of nature.

Pre-prep directions:

  • Simply boil some water.

  • Pour over Bath Enhancer infusion bag of choice & steep- roughly 5-7 minutes. These are meant for bathing only so you may steep longer for stronger benefits. (Side note: Although Bath Enhancers are food grade and drinkable as a tea- please do at your own risk).

  • Strain and cool the Magical Bath Enhancer water.

  • Add to your bath.

Transcend into your bathing destination, enchant or cleanse your spirit and take it all in.

Candles and Home Cleansing Smoke Bundles can be used in any space and at any time. I smudge daily and tend to always have a candle burning when I am home. Personally, it brings a sense of calm, cleansed warmth and lifts my spirit.

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