Organic Cube

ORGANIC CUBE was founded to create the most shared and used essentials focusing on sustainability and functionality with respect to Earth's resources. We design on the basis of Wellness. Cleanliness, and Mindfulness and will always produce with these three values running deep through our foundation. 

At Organic Cube, we design and source responsibly, one product at a time because we believe minimalism is beyond just appearances. Our most shared and used everyday essentials are introduced with organic ingredients and formulated with botanicals retained in their most natural state. 

Our first product Organic Foaming Hand Soap arrived after two years of cross-industries collaboration, our design takes place at raw materials sourcing, and produced using sustainable processes and materials. Stackable Cube Bottles are developed from tracked volumes of sustainably sourced reclaimed plastic waste. 

About our soap: Six weeks traditional process of saponification. Crafted with organic plant oils, and genuine botanical scents by using only pure essential oils and herbs. Made in USA. Cruelty-Free Certified by The Leaping Bunny Program. 

A Single essential elevated with numerous unique qualities:

- Introduced with organic ingredients: Full ingredient details presented upfront with a collection of scents blended true to its name. 

- Minimalism beyond appearances: Crafted with ingredients originality, material sustainability, and reduced carbon footprint in both manufacturing and shipping. 

- Functionality meets sustainability: Designed from scratch Stackable Cube Bottle ™not only was created to deliver an effortlessly organized space, but it is produced sustainably from 100% reclaimed plastic waste, single stream recyclable material.