Liberated Space

I'm a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist from Dallas, Texas. I have always enjoyed the adventure of exploration and expression, whether it is through illustration, painting, collaborating, or traveling. I have been working as a full-time artist and designer since 2017, with the creation of my experimental design agency, Liberated Space.

Liberated Space has a strong vision of collaboration, experimentation, and design thinking that is backed by artists who are substantially experienced in the luxury and entertainment markets. The unique and powerful client list and past works are a result of selectivity and through execution.

I'm led by a vision of global access and holistic health, combining art, design, and healing practices from around the world, to create pathways to more liberated life. I choose to work in different mediums (ink on paper, acrylic paintings on canvas & ceramics, graphic art, printmaking) so I am able to explore different parts of myself, and hopefully create more connection with others. I believe there is always a pathway deeper into the freedom of our dreams, and a way to express the joy and peace found in the journey. I'm inspired by artisans who are diligent and loving with their craft, and I'm looking forward to creating more collaborations across cultures through art.