Lensik I&V

My name is Elena. I am the creator and owner of the Lensik IV. Creating and serving others with my products is most definitely a fulfilling experience. I am strict with the components that go into my products. That is why I only use the best natural organic and none toxic ingredients!

I hope you will have an opportunity to try some of them. They range anywhere from lip balm, bath salts, bath bombs, shower steamers, and lotion bars.


Through research it has been proven that the ingredient in my Lensik IV products are beneficial.

*Baking Soda softens and smoothes the skin, helps get rid of dryness, psoriasis, acne.

*Citric acid acts as a mild, scale-free chemical peel.

*Epsom salt, additionally activates the protective properties of the skin and remove toxins.

*Almond oil is rich in protective vitamin E, nourishing fatty acids, moisturizing and restores vitamin A.

*Essential oils turn bath bombs into an aromatherapy with inhalation effects.

Why choose us?

Lensik IV goal is to use only natural remedies, and essential oils that do not give very pungent and strong odors. Aromatic fragrance is most often product of oil refining and carries a real danger to the skin. Most likely increasing the likelihood of allergies and irritation. The next danger lies in dyes. Without dyes, there really would be no beautiful colored foam that is seen all over social media. However, we use only natural dyes, which are harmless to body. Because we believe that enjoyment of our products should be free from worry and toxin.