Hills Beauty Skincare

Hills Beauty Skin Care is a shop located in Koreatown, Los Angeles that serves clients with mostly facials. Owned and operated by a Korean-American woman, Kyung (Kate) has been in the beauty industry serving her clients with the best service and the best facials she can offer for many, many years. Although Hills Beauty Skin Care is a shop that operates offline and is an in-person experience, Kyung also sells skin care products that she uses in her facials and/or products that she highly recommends to her clients. She has seen a huge growth in her client base over the years and she also has regulars that have been seeing her for years. These regulars will recommend Kyung without a doubt for her services and also for the products that she stands by. Some of these products that she recommends are now available here on UNK+UNF Marketplace and she is beyond excited to be able to list them online for more people to have access to them.