Who doesn’t love their furry friends?! Here are some of our new addition to UNK+UNF as well as some favorites for all of your beloved furry friends. It’s time to feed them the best quality snacks and clothe them with so much love and cuteness!


This 100% pure, organic, freeze dried Veggie Mix is perfect for your picky furry friends! 

-100% freeze-dried
-Broccoli supports intestinal health.
-Pumpkin supports the digestive system.
-Beet supports the immune system.
-Carrot supports healthy eye, skin, and coat.


This 100% Pure, Organic, Freeze-dried Balance Boost is made with Raw Rabbit Meat, Spinach, Sweet Peppers, and Kabocha.

-100% freeze-dried
-No preservatives, additives, grains, and gluten
-Each package contains a packet of 2 oz (net weight) of freeze-dried raw rabbit meat, spinach, sweet peppers, and kabocha
-Perfect to use as a topper or treat
-Super nutritious and delicious

Sweet Potato

This 100% Pure, Organic, Dehydrated Chickpea Sweet Potato Nuggets is another snack perfect for the picky furry friends. 

-100% dehydrated
-Chickpeas supports metabolism, bone, and joint health
-Sweet Potatoes supports immune system

Yellow Palette Polo

Snacks aren’t the only way to spoil your little furry friends, you can add cute pieces to their wardrobe as well!

Mint Palette Polo

This Mint Palette Polo comes in 2 different color combos, and is the cutest everyday wear for your furry friends.

– 95% cotton, 5% Span
– Stretchy for comfortable wear
– Pearl flower buttons
– Handwash recommended
– Natural dry recommended

Smoothie Tee

This Blueberry Smoothie Tee comes in multiple colorways, and is another basic addition to your furry friend’s wardrobe.

– 100% cotton
– Stretchy for comfortable wear
– Made in Korea
– Handwash recommended
– Machine wash cold
– Natural dry recommended

Banana Bebe
Gingham Cape

This Banana Bebe Gingham Cape is perfect to wear alone or on top of other tees and sweaters for a more vintage look.

– Lovely lace and gingham design
– Button hole inside to lock with the Smoothie Tee collection
– Made in Korea
– Handwash recommended
– Machine wash cold
– Natural dry recommended

These items are only a fraction of the many yummy goodies and outfits as well as accessories such as leashes that are perfect for your furry friends that you can find on UNK+UNF. They are all made and/or sourced by small businesses here in the States and your support means the world to them! It’s absolutely the best way to show love to your furry friends and support small businesses at the same time!