BathWELL is an Alternative Holistic Bath Apothecary brand founded by Jenny Tsuchiya, just a girl who grew up in New York. As a self care advocate herself, she wanted to share her bath rituals and stress relieving tips. With that in mind, here is how BathWELL was born... Growing up in New York City, I was heartbroken at the pain and suffering that befell my fellow New Yorkers, Americans and global citizens as a result of the economic, health and political fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. I saw that not only was it a physical ailment and infection, but had foresight to see the aftermath of an increase and tidal wave of mental illness as a byproduct of living in quarantine, losing our families, losing our jobs and trying to stay safe from a life altering pandemic. As a way to deal with my own mental health, strengthen all of my systems, I started to take a variety of hot baths filled with salts, herbs and essential aromatherapy oils. I began to create my own mixtures of healing, detoxing and relaxing salt, herbs and essential oil mixtures while watching my anxiety and depression continue to slip away after every bath I slipped into. BathWELL was born in Long Island, New York in late fall of 2020 with the hopes of helping people experience different types of healing bath rituals with natural and holistic approach. With a wide-ranging background in the cosmetology world and a believer of energetic spirituality, the collection is consciously curated around beauty, mental and physical wellness. Cultures from around the world have been using salt baths, hot springs and sweat lodges to relax, detox, heal, reach the spirit realm and communicate with one’s inner self. BathWELL’s collection will allow you to travel to sacred, desired destination spaces in the safety and luxury of your own space. Light a candle, burn some sage and let your blissful journey begin within. Founder, Jen Tsuchiya BathWELL’s mission: As a woman led and founded company, BathWELL was built on the foundation of having faith. In hopes of inspiring this generation and the next to believe in themselves and their dreams where material collateral will never fulfill one's true happiness. Jenny will continue to push her mission to glamorize a purpose rather than material fufillment. She has hope that the next generation of owners, entrepreneurs and creators can shoot for the stars and their dreams.